Rave Reviews

                              “David has exceptional people skills. I have observed him facilitating and working with individuals and groups from all walks of life. His easy going and flexible nature has allowed him to adjust — even on the fly to new and many times difficult situations. David’s work within our organization has been excellent and he remains one of our key corporate facilitators.”

                              Dr. Randy Flemmer, President
                              Alberta Collision Avoidance

                              “David has an uncanny ability for providing perspective. Something that is so difficult, yet essential, in making clear concise business and personal decisions. This combined with his goal setting and thought process coaching can make the difference between success and mediocrity.”

                              Albert Venor, Financial Advisor
                              Edmonton, Alberta

                              “David’s superb listening skills allows him to really understand his clients and provide a very effective sounding board for problem solving.”

                              Chartered Accountant in Private Practice
                              Calgary, Alberta

                              “Working with David at Learning Direction has helped us to adapt a Project Management system to our workflow. Our time efficiency has greatly increased, we always know precisely what stage each project is at, and we can forcast future projects more effectively. Bottom line — it will increase profits.”

                              Michael Burjak, Calgary, Alberta*

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