Looking for business writing? We can help.

                              Plain language technical writing balances persuasion, creativity and functionality yet it is precise, innovative, clear and warm.


                              • User guide.
                              • Web page copy.
                              • Administration, Safety, Operators?manuals,
                              • Guides for Board Members.
                              • Process documentation.
                              • Policies and procedures.
                              • SOPs/Workflows.
                              • Business plans.
                              • Informational presentations.
                              • Fact sheets, summaries.
                              • Financing Proposals, applications, for debt and equity commercial financing.
                              • Learning materials, training plans, manuals.
                              • Organization charts, job descriptions, employment advertisements.


                              • Reduces your costs and makes knowledge management easier and accessible. LDI provides what audiences need to know.
                              • Seamless interaction with SME’s, internal departments and client representatives to implement edits; maintaining project standards.

                              Plain Language Technical Writing Workshop

                              For Technical Writers, Graphic Designers, Managers, First line Supervisors, People who write reports.

                              Delivered by email, telephone/Skype, face-to-face, in a group setting.

                              Phone to make arrangements: 403-293-7689

                              Minimalism is a popular topic.

                              Information developers everywhere are being told to:

                              • Cut the volume,
                              • Reduce costs for translation,
                              • Write in plain language
                              • Make information more easily accessible, and
                              • Provide only what audiences need to know.

                              This Minimalist Workshop gives you specific guidelines for evaluating your information and reducing the volume. But the Minimalism Workshop is not about cutting the verbiage alone.
                              By the end of the workshop, you will know how to keep it simple, be clear and how to include what readers really need to know.

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