Bank making demands? Looking for financing?

                              For business owners in trouble and entrepreneurs with expansion in mind who have have a great business.

                              For successful financing, LDI works with you to get investors comfortable with:

                              Your business model - how do you make money? - What kind of revenue streams do you have and what are these subject / sensitive to? - Cash flow profile - what kinds of returns does your business provide: cash distribution / return of capital and capital appreciation? - Appraisals. - Management team ?résumés, work history, execution track record, ability to manage operations. - Competitive advantage - what makes this a sustainable business? - Use of proceeds - deployment plan for cash raised!

                              We’re connected in Western Canada and beyond and we understand why you are driven to succeed.

                              Our team has what it takes to keep you successful.

                              Team working

                              We offer a full range of commercial financing services for:

                              • Manufacturing,
                              • Logistics,
                              • Construction,
                              • Real Estate,
                              • Land Development,
                              • Resource/Extraction Industries.
                              • Oil Service.

                              In the application package we include:

                              • A Business Plan or Executive Summary,
                              • Critical assessments and financial information, financial reviews,
                              • Marketing, product, sales and service information,
                              • Information on current technology - in use and planned,
                              • Legal, additional accounting, logistics, tax, personnel, and adviser information,
                              • Canadian, International sourcing.

                              Commercial Financing

                              Members of our team:

                              • Attract money to your company.
                              • Know who lends, who invests and how they think.
                              • Understand how money works.
                              • Make presentations to key individuals; answer their concerns; negotiate on your behalf.

                              LDI is your answer to:

                              • Debt Financing Solutions.
                              • Peace of mind, integrity.
                              • Timely delivery.
                              • Customized repayment plans.
                              • Transparency ?no surprises.
                              • Fixed rates ?often in single digits.
                              • Cost-efficiencies ?our project financing is less expensive than the competition.

                              for more information:


                              David St. Amand, LearningDirection Inc. Calgary Alberta:

                              Office: 403.293.7689

                              Cell: 403.870.2606


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