Keeping RECOVERY simple

                              Covid-19: developing smart re-launch strategies for your business.

                              Our goal is to make it simpler for your businesses to recover.

                              LearningDirection Inc works “with” small businesses until owners are comfortable and we are not needed.

                              We “work with you”:

                              • Face-to-face,
                              • Hands-on,
                              • Step-by-step

                              …until you are comfortable and confident about getting out there and growing your businesses ?


                              1. Business Plans
                              2. Financing / Accounting
                              3. Rescue
                              4. Coaching /Mentoring
                              5. Human Resources
                              6. Expansion
                              7. Dissolution
                              8. Succession

                              Speak to David at 403-870-2606

                              What is LearningDIRECTION Inc.

                              LDI started out as Sune Systems Training and Development in 1993. 842090 Alberta Ltd. was incorporated in August of 1999 and in January 2001, we became LearningDIRECTION Inc. (LDI).

                              LearningDirection Inc. is a peer consulting and leadership company focused on growing extraordinary businesses across Alberta and beyond. Service, trust and project-based partnerships define us.

                              We listen carefully, we do research, and we work with you to bring your vision to sustainable success at reasonable cost and with minimum hassle. When you are ready, we leave.

                              The Team:

                              David J. St. Amand, B.Sc, M.ContEd., 403.870.2606.
                              Small Business Analysis, Small Business HR, (Staffing, Records, Reporting), Technical Writing (RFP, Business Plans, Manuals), Learning Development and Implementation, Coaching / Mentoring, Project Management (ERP Implementations, Financing, Rescue, Learning, Succession / Dissolution).

                              Eva St. Amand, 403.870.7602.
                              Systematic research, HR Accounting (Staffing, Training, Management) Financial Analysis, Quick Books (Installation, Training, Operation), Tax Filing (Personal Corporate, SRED), Accounting (Records, Verification of Accuracy, Opinion Statements, Adjustments to Records), Clear, Transparent Communications to Stakeholders.

                              … the following pages have a lot more stuff - you just finished the essentials…

                              Recovery Specialists

                              Develop a SMART re-launch strategy with LearningDIRECTION Inc.





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